Representing Central and South Texas Clients for more than a decade.

Specializing in Personal Injury, Healthcare Fraud, Family law, Criminal Defense, Business Law ,

Real Estate and Probate law.



Family Law

If your comtemplating divorce, dealing with child custody and/or a child support issue, our family law attorneys can provide
you with the advice and representation necessary to help you resolve your legal issue.

Criminal Defense

Been charged with DWI, Assault, Theft, or some other offense?  Then you will need experienced legal counsel to represent you.  Our criminal defense attorney is a former criminal prosecutor with trial experience and over 15 years experience in defending the accused.

Business and Real Estate Law

Whether you need help incorporating your new business, or your matter involves complex commercial transactions, contract formulation and negotiation, or business and real estate litigation we can help. Our attorneys are stand ready to assist you at moments notice.  

Personal Injury and Healthcare Fraud


If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident, by a defective product, through medical negligence, or as a result of healthcare fraud you need aggressive experienced legal representation that will fight for you.   Our attorneys hate to lose and won't take no for an answer.  Rest assured if they don't make it right, we will make it right.




When looking to hire legal counsel, you need an attorney that is competent, experienced, and knowledgeble in the area of law applicable to your legal issue.  With over 15 years legal experience serving clients through out the State of Texas we have the experience and track record necessary to help you resolve your legal problem.


A fundamental part of our work as your legal counsel is helping you understand the legal issues involved in your case, the potential consequences of the choices you make, and a full understanding of your legal rights.


Since every client and case is different, we work hard to provide each client with a complete understanding of all their legal options, and a tailored strategy that addresses their needs, goals, and budget constraints.


While we strive to resolve each case amicably without the need for expensive prolonged litigation there are times when this ideal is not possible, and the only way to achieve a just resolution is through the litigation process.  Rest assured that if the fight comes to us we will zealously fight for your interest to the fullest extent of the law.


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